Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hugging The Red

Won't you hold my hands over my heart?
I want you to close my eyes when it gets dark.
We go over the mountains and under the stars.
We go over the mountains and under the stars.

Ruben and The Dark, Bow and Arrow, from the album Funeral Sky

Today I run 13 miles. I find myself hugging the curvy banks of the Red River for a couple of those 13 miles. The trail is single track, overgrown with jungle-like vegetation. The Scottish Thistle is tall, thick, and wet from the early morning shower. The burrs scratch my knees ever so lightly, just enough to remind me that I am alive and running.  I run blissfully along this ancient trail. Ghosts of civilizations past run through me. Dwarfed by deep emerald vegetation, dabs of magenta. A sliver of blue sky overhead. A glimpse of a winding brown Red river.

Breathless, I am drenched with life force.

I am alone and I am in the moment. I am graciously thankful for this beauty, this opportunity, this run.

Alone and in the moment, it's a good day to be alive.