Thursday, August 21, 2014

The People of Ted's Run for Literacy, Meet Aldo Furlan

Aldo Furlan, Ted's Run for Literacy Board Member (Course Chair, Volunteer Chair, Site Chair)
The People of Ted's Run for Literacy is a 'behind the scenes' look at the many individuals that make up Ted's Run for Literacy; from committee members, to runners, to volunteers, to sponsors.  Every week leading up to race day we will interview an individual whose contribution to TRL helps to define the heart and soul of this fine event. The People of TRL is the brainchild of our Social Media chair, Carly Walsh.

Aldo Furlan’s dedication to Ted’s Run for Literacy and Start2Finish is matched only by his iPod’s playlist (see how he groans below when we ask him to pick ONLY five songs) . The TRL Board is very lucky to have Aldo as a volunteer coordinator, course coordinator, and site coordinator, but also as one of the run’s greatest promoters.

Ted’s Run for Literacy - How long have you been running, and why did you start?
Adlo Furlan - I originally started my interest in running when I was 12 (1976...yikes!). I ran a fun run at school and finished 11th out of 85 so that I guess is where the "spark" began. I ran all through Jr/Sr high school and recreationally in university. I never even dreamed of running for a club at that time as I never thought I was "good enough." I started doing longer runs in the late 1980s and I never really stopped.

TRL - You've been asking by a running gel company to develop a new flavour. What is it?
AF - A favourite flavour for a gel? Maple the wings I had in St. Adolphe once..mmmm

TRL - If you only had room for five songs on your running playlist what would they be?

AF - Playlist...tough one....
“Frankenstien” by the Edgar Winter Group
“If I Should Fall From Grace with God” by the Pogues(or any other song)
“You Wreck Me” by Tom Petty(or any other song)
“The Pretender” by Foo Fighters(or any other song)
“Edicott” by Kid Creole and the Coconuts
That was a tough one. I could have put sooo much more.

TRl - Do you have a moment or an experience that stands out for you during your work with Strart2Finish?
AF - A moment that stands out for me working for Start2Finish was when one of the kids at my school mentioned that he ran all through recess to "get ready" for Running and Reading club after school. He was so dedicated to running that he wanted to put extra time to be sure he was ready for the run at the end of the year. ( He's a great kid by the way, well liked by everyone).

TRL - What does Ted's Run for Literacy mean to you?
AF - Ted's Run for Literacy means to's a really personal thing for me as I see the result of its efforts first hand. When the kids in my school, some who I have taught years before, put on their brand new shoes we provide to them through Start2Finish, it's a pretty cool thing to see. I also see it when those same kids sit down to read with me in the gym during Run and Read Club. I sum it up when I describe the race to people and tell them what it's all about. "It's a race that supports Running and Reading programs across Canada, three in Manitoba, two in Winnipeg one of which is at my school". This statement helps to engage people and draw more interest and support.

It's a good day to be alive.

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