Tuesday, December 5, 2017

We Moved Our Feet For Art City

Photo Credit Blane McFarlane

I prefer science over religion, yet I keep one foot in the pew.

My father was a mathematician, my mother a devout Catholic.  Wherein lies the truth? I was conflicted as a child, tortured through my teens.

I remain conflicted but I move my feet because it makes me feel good.  A selfish concept really, but why not feel good about doing good?

Latin Beat over the Miz Bridge
Photo Credit Junel Malapad
When I first came across the African proverb, Move your feet when you pray,  I was immediately drawn to the simplicity and elegance of the concept. The image of people dancing, and moving their feet, and laughing and actively praying appeals to me. Activism for the good of humanity.

Collectively moving our feet. Collectively creating a movement of peace and goodwill. Collectively praying. Collectively moving our feet for Art City.

I still prefer science over religion and yet I pray.

Thank you to all that moved their feet this past Sunday.  You prayed along my side. We raised $5100. The money will be used to purchase a much needed fancy new inductive stove along with all the special inductive pots and pans.  I like the tangible element of the stove... I can touch it, feel its warmth, taste its offerings.

We Tangoed along Wellington Crescent, Hustled through Omand's Creek, Rocked along Wellington Crescent, Grooved a Latin Beat over the Miz Bridge, and Slow Danced to the finish. It was such a sensuous, gorgeous, sweet slow dance. Four men dancing, hurting, laughing, emotional. Josh, David, Tim, and Mike moving our feet and praying for a better humanity.

It hurt so good.

It was a very tough slog, especially the last two loops, but it was made so much easier knowing you all had my back.  There are too many of you to thank, but one stands out.

My friend Tim.
You are a rock star.
You dance hard.
You are learning to walk.

Tim dragged my ass over the line and I am forever in his debt.  He was there for me at my most vulnerable. I was tired as fuck yet Tim dragged my sorry, beat up ass over the line.

I love you all.

It's a good day to be alive.


Hurt so good and Tired as Fuck references with thanks to John Mellancamp and Gord Downie