Saturday, November 25, 2017

Moving My Feet for Art City; 341 meters, 782 steps.

Come join me, move your feet for Art City.
On December 3, 2017 I am moving my feet for Art City. I will run ten loops of the Wolseley Avenue/ Wellington Crescent trail in the hopes of raising $3000 for Art City. Tomorrow I run my last training run, 24 miles, then the sweet taper. Loving the taper!

The total distance is 58.341 kilometers, that's 341 meters beyond 58 kilometers, a mere 782 steps from finishing. My mind will be numb, my eyes moist, and my heart and bones spent.  If you can lend your support, this is where I will need you the most...341 meters from the finish, a mere 782 steps. I won't be pretty, but I will smile and wave, guaranteed.

Truth be told I have never run 58.341 kilometers. I've come close, but never 58 kilometers and never in the winter. If I succeed this will be the greatest physical accomplishment of my entire 61 years.

I am running to support Art City. This is not about ego, it's about doing good. It's about being an art-citizen. It's about moving our feet, figuratively and literally, to strengthen our community. It's about making our city more accessible, more inclusive, more kind.

Anxiety sets in as race day approaches.  Am I strong enough?  Can I do this? Am I eating right?  Do I feel a cold coming on?  What will the weather throw at me? Do I have the correct gear? And on and on... the anxiety rolls through my brain... relentlessly....3 AM haunts me... seemed like a good idea at the time... what was I thinking.... Only runners will understand.

I can do this. It will be hard, really hard, but nowhere near as hard the work accomplished daily by the volunteers, staff, and board of directors of Art City who work tirelessly to improve the human condition of West Broadway, an under resourced neighbourhood not unlike Vancouver's Lower East Side or Toronto's Jane and Finch. Where some see blight, Art City sees hope.

As of this moment this campaign has raised $2390, or about 80% of the $3000 goal.  If you have the means please consider donating by clicking here.  You can also share this post to your friends, colleagues, and family. And finally, please join me at anytime on Sunday, run or walk, cheer, smile, wave, and especially that last 341 meters, 782 steps, that's where I will need you the most.

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When you pray, move your feet.

It's a good day to be alive.