Sunday, May 27, 2018

My, how we laugh.

I'm not the kind of guy
Who dresses like a king
And a really fine pair of shades
Means everything
And the light that blinds my eyes
Shines from you

Life's not a drag.

Iggy Pop,  Shades, from the album Blah Blah Blah, written by Iggy Pop, produced by David Bowie

(with thanks to T and WD 40 for making me whole)

We laugh today. We laugh and we and burp. We laugh until tears swell and then we laugh more, and more yet.  We are irreverent in our love. 

We show affection through humiliation.

We open our hearts and we show our vulnerabilities and fears. And then we laugh and we tease.  I am Cotton Man in that moment of perfection, the moment that is now lost, never to be relived, but always to be reimagined. 

We run on beautiful trails through a sea of ferns and old forest elm trees, three-hugs thick.  Winding trail. Endless trails that shelter us from storm. 

Three of us run and we walk and we laugh.

We speak of benevolence. 

We speak of higher order. 

We share books and music. 

We speak of relegion and parents and the collateral damage.

We speak of and colonialism and Truth and Reconciliation.

And we reflect.

And we laugh.

My, how we laugh.

And then we laugh more.

We run 22 km, one runs an extra loop because he suffers more.  

Some are tired and need to walk. We work it out. No one person ever left alone.

My friends, it is such a gorgeous day to be alive. I hope your day was lived in laughter and with friends.

We laugh.

We rise higher in our thought and belief.

We clarify our thinking. 

We define ourselves through movement.

We we run while we can.

We run.

We ran.

It's a good day to be alive.