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Cranked Energy Bars

Cheryl Zealand
Owner Operator Cranked Energy
I love local stuff.  I love local craft beer, local music, local coffee, and local vegetables. I love local ma & pa restaurants. I love local, independent shops like City Park Runners and Stride Ahead. I love local running events like the petite Point Douglas Run, the grand poohbah Manitoba Marathon, ultra's and everything in between. When we shop, run, eat local we invest in our community.

Buying local means more of our money stays in our community because local shops will purchase from other local shops who purchase from other local shops, on and on.  Buying local is good for the environment because fewer carbon emissions are created by transporting goods. Yes, there's many reasons to buy local, but first and foremost, the product must be excellent

Cheryl Zealand's, Cranked Energy is local and they're excellent, no wait, they're really excellent. These handcrafted energy bars, artisanal in both quality and presentation, are pure food with zero stabilizers or preservatives. The flavours are extraordinary delicious and include Apple Cinnamon, Maple Walnut, and Pumpkin Spice to name but a few.  Gluten intolerant? Cheryl's got you covered with Vanilla and Chocolate flavours.  This is pure food, delicious in flavour and texture, plain and simple!

But don't take my word for it, read on.

I'm going to sign off now, but keep reading for the definitive review of Cranked Energy Bars.

It's a good day to be alive.


See Mike Run invited a dozen runners to try Cranked Energy. They were provided with a sample pack of four popular Cranked Energy flavours and a special gift provided by Cranked Energy. Cheryl has not met the participants nor does she have any idea what they will say.  She is going out on a limb here, and I respect her more for agreeing to the challenge.  She confided "I hope they like them."

Not to worry, Cheryl, they love them and here's their stories.

Full disclosure, prior to this blog post, Cheryl kindly offered me a free ten-pack of Cranked Energy Bars which I graciously accepted (like, duh, who wouldn't?)

A dozen gift bags for a dozen Cranked Runners
Participants were invited to answer five questions while chomping on the four samples. Okay, let's get started....

Question 1: If your favourite Cranked Energy bar is a a rock star who is it be and why?"

Ozzie Osborne
"intense and bold yet classic and timeless"
Davey Garner
Freddy Mercury, Queen
" Don't stop me now, I'm going to have me a real good time, I feel alive and the world,
I'll turn it inside out, I'm gonna go, go, go.  There's no stopping me now."
Shannon Hargreaves
"Inspiring, full of energy, clean living, when I have a Cranked Energy Bar I feel like dancing"
Lisa Betke

Def Leppard
"Cranked reminds me of their song Pour Some Sugar On Me because they sing about things being sweet, fire me up, and sometime, anytime.  Just like Cranked Energy, you can have them anytime, their sweet and they fire me up."
Curtis Tyndall

Neil Young
Christine Kaegi
Death Cab for Cutie (Benjamin Gibbard)
"Ben and his music are sweet, salty, and real. He's real good to listen to and, because he's an ultra runner, he's inspiring."
Arden Hill
"Smooth with a little sass to keep it interesting."
Leslie Nikkel
"Smooth, inspiring, and bold!"
Andrea Abbott
Gary Bachman BTO

"Taking Care of Business. When you have a Cranked Bar it helps me take care of business on my runs!! "
Shawn Bjornsson 
Gord Downie and The Hip
Carolyn Muir
Jon Bon Jovi 
"My favourite flavour is Choco Expresso and the rockstar it would be is Jon Bon Jovi because he is also delicious and high energy". 
Terri-Lee Mooney

Question 2
: You can each award 20 stars. You can give all 20 to one flavour or mix them up anyway you like. On your mark, get set, go! (note, 11 people had 20 stars each for a total of 220 stars)

20 stars... go!

Chocolate Gluten Free
30/220 stars

42/220 stars

Peanut Butter Coconut
58/220 stars

Salted Carmel Pecan Pretzel
90/220 stars

Question 3: Would you recommend Cranked Energy to your friends?  What would you say? 

Davey Garner
Yes, I will recommend Cranked Energy Bars to a friend. I will say "They are nutritious  natural, convenient, filling, and delicious."
Carolyn Muir
100% yes! I already have been recommending them throughout this week! Great quick snack before an early morning workout! Or anytime really…but for me that’s when I find I scrunched for time since I always wake up late! Had one bar on my way to an OCR challenge a couple weeks ago. It was the perfect snack to give me the energy I needed to complete the race!
Arden Hill
I would and I have recommended them to friends. I say they are an excellent source of clean energy that is real food. I have warned them that Cranked Energy Bars are highly addictive!

Terri-Lee Money
Absolutely yes! I would say they are delicious, real clean whole food, no stabilizers, no preservatives, simply natural goodness that is good for you to grab on the go!

Curtis Tyndal
Absolutely yes! Excellent flavours and very tasty! They are an all natural product with no preservatives and are an excellent fuel source for before or after an activity.
Andrea Abbott
Yes I would recommend Cranked to friends. I would say "I tried Cranked Energy Bars and I was very impressed. I think you should try them. The flavours are awesome and they are an extremely healthy snack option.I use them as fuel while running and I found them to be very beneficial."

Lisa Betke
Yes, I would recommend Cranked to friends. I would say "They're full of the nutrients to fuel your run without all the fillers and mystery ingredients like other bars. There's lots of flavour so you can change it up or have options on the run and they go down easy. Best part is they taste amazing and are locally made with pure ingredients."choices

Shannon Hargreaves 
Yes, I would absolutely recommend Cranked Energy Bars. The conversation would go something like this:


ME: Hi Mikey, wanna go for a ridiculously long run today?

Mikey: I sure would because I love running ridiculously long runs.

ME: Let's fuel up before our ridiculously long run. Here, try this Cranked Energy Bar. It's all natural, locally made in Winnipeg and it tastes like.... (other runners gather around) oooh, ahhhh, mmmm.... (tasty munching noises drown out the conversation).

Mikey: This is ridiculously delicious Shannon


ME: Wow, great run! Does anyone want a Cranked Bar to refuel?

Mikey: Trampled by 20 runners dashing to get in on the action of sharing Cranked. Poor Mikey.

Shawn Bjornsson
Yes I would recommend Cranked Bars to my friends. Especially my running and any athletic friends. I will tell them to try these bars. They are natural, fresh. tasteful and will help your healthy living.
Leslie Nikkel
I would recommend Cranked Energy bars to friends by telling them that they are a good pre or post workout food that is a simple solution with wholesome ingredients. I would tell them that they don’t need to second guess what’s in them like you do with a lot of other bars. And that the flavours are fun!

Question 4:  You have a magic wand and can grant one wish. Make a wish for Cranked Energy bars.
๐Ÿ˜ŽI wish for a Red Velvet energy bar! It's my favourite dessert flavour for cupcakes but apparently cupcakes are not really good for you or before sports, so if there was a Red Velvet Cranked Energy bar .. I would buy it!

๐Ÿ’Having them chilled is not always ideal when travelling or drop bags during an Ultra, Wish they could keep without refrigeration (but I get the reason why and it would negate the star lol).

๐Ÿ˜I wish for a bar with dates.

๐Ÿ˜ƒA plant based protein option. A friend of mine is a plant based eater and I would love for him to try these. Vega is a great plant based protein supplement.

๐Ÿ’ƒI wish I would have known about sooner about this company and their product

๐Ÿ’™The flavours don't differ THAT much - it would be more interesting if the flavours were bolder, more differential and more original than the title suggests.

๐Ÿ’ชMy wish would be two optional sizes, snack size and meal replacement size.

๐Ÿ˜‡I wish would be if they were more portable to take out on a lengthy run.

๐Ÿ’€I  would love to be able to take a bar on my long runs but can’t on hot days or cold days because of the natural ingredients and needs to be refrigerated.

๐Ÿ’ฅMy wish would be a cranked energy ambassador, if that were a thing? Cranked active t-shirts or tanks that I could wear while running or doing othe training to help promote the brand would be a fun idea

๐Ÿ’‹My wish is that ever retail company would care about the ingredients they put into their products 

Question 5:  Write a jingle or a 'roses are red' poem for Cranked Energy.  The *best* jingle wins a free Cranked ten pack, a free *cool* Cranked metal water bottle, and a free registration to Ted's Run for Literacy.  To vote list your top three jingles in the comment section below or message meon Facebook or email me here or Chery here..  The winner will be announced on Saturday, June 23.

When I'm feeling wacky snacky,

I reach in my backy-packy,

because this day has got me tanked,
I could really use a Cranked

by Davey Garner

*Sung to tune of "What I Like About You" by The Romantics* 

What I like about Cranked

It's Real Good Energy! 

Whether 5-k! 10-k! run or bike 

Cranked's the one for me ... yah! 

Natural ingredients to fuel my run 

Keeping me powered while I'm out in the sun!

It's all true

That's what I like about Cranked ...yah! 

Cranked Energy founded in Peg-city,
Local-made high protein and energy,
It's all true
That's what I like about Cranked...yah! 

Eight different flavours to choose among
Choco-espresso is my favourite one! 

Try the apple cinnamon or the mint, 
Help you go the distance - Olympic or Sprint! 
It's all true
That's what I like about Cranked...yah!

by Shannon Hargreaves

Fuelling is a challenge when on a run, 
hitting the wall is never fun. 
We research and trial to find the key, 
to make this endurance sport easy. 
Choose the healthiest version they say, 
eating real foods is important each day. 
That’s where Cranked Energy comes to the rescue, 
proving a balanced protein, carbs and fats menu. 
Grabbing a bar when on the go, 
means no sacrifices as I continue to grow. 
Rewarding your calorie burn expertly, 
is what’s in store when you choose Cranked Energy!

by Lisa Betke

I ran 50 K on the trails today with my real, good food cranked energy bar! 

I rode 100 k on my bike today with my real, good food cranked energy bar! 

I swam 10 k in Clear lake today with my real, good food cranked energy bar! 

I hiked 66 k on the Mantario trail today with my real, good food cranked energy bar!

by Arden Hill

Crank me up with Cranked Energy! The all natural fuel source.

by Curtis Tyndal
When life spins you right round baby

Right round like a crazy mom

Right round round round

Right round likes crazy mom

All I know is a cranked bar looks like lots of yum
I open up my loving mouth
Watch out when I’m done
I’m ready for some fun

by Christine Kaegi
Roses are red,

Violets are blue, 

Cranked Energy,

are the bars for you! 

When you’re feeling tired,
Beyond compare,
Reach for the bar, 
That is always there. 

Full of flavour,
And a bit of zest
Your body will thank you,
For choosing the best!

by Leslie Nikkel

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Cranked is great and so are you.

by Andrea Abbott

The Runners are laced up 

The route is too far 

Need a little Boost 
Try a Cranked Energy Bar

by Shawn Bjornsson
Roses are red, 

violets are blue, 

support local entrepreneurs 

because that’s the cool thing to do.

by Carolyn Muir
Born from the need of a clean wholesome bite.

Has all the Essentials, Taste, Goodness and Might.

Go all Day and into the Night.

Let Cranked Bars Energize your Life.

by Terri-Lee Mooney


Buy local. Run local. Eat local.

It's a good day to be alive.


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