Monday, September 22, 2008

Simple Act of Kindness

A simple story.  At mile 24 of the Manitoba Marathon a little boy of 8 or 9 ran up along my side and matched my pace.  It was humid and I was feeling rotten.  I was hot, nauseous, and my brain function was sparking at about 20%.  My legs were dead weight, my spirit leaden. The self-doubt, the pain, and the nausea were taking a serious toll.  I was aware of someone running by my side, someone small.  He was communicating but I didn't understand. He touched my arm and I looked down.  He held my hand momentarily and then let it slip away as silently as night falling.  Angelically, he disappeared.  Several seconds passed before I realized I was holding something deliciously cold.  I looked down.  There in my hand was an ice cold freezie. It was sweet, cold, succulent, and... oh so kind.  I sobbed for the kindness.  I was touched by an angel and it felt good. 

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Jen said...

It's amazing what little acts of kindness can mean in those desperate moments. Life lessons, I tell you! We all need those angels at moments in life. Glad you got yours! Good luck this Saturday! Here's hoping for that sub 4 mary!