Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday's Run

I ran 20 miles yesterday and it went well aside from the stumble at mile 1.  It was pretty well completely dark at 6:15 AM when my big toe found chuck of asphalt rising about an inch from the path.  I managed to stay up right for about three seconds as I stumbled top heavy at a good pace.  I remember thinking "I'm goin' down, I'm goin down... oh God, bones, watch the bones..." and then everything slowed down and I could see myself like those flip cards that show motion. My head and chest were about as far forward as possible when I managed to tuck in and roll shoulder first downhill on an asphalt trail.  And roll I did, like a beach ball!  I came to a stop about 20 feet from where it all began and lay there stunned.  Cautiously I did the bone inventory -check- the muscle inventory -check- the cuts and bruises inventory -check.  I survived unscathed, unbelievable.  Actually I would have appreciated a little road rash to show the kids at school... bragging rights and all.  
Interestingly, we were talking about running stumbles on Saturday over coffee.  
The quintessential running play list is coming along.  I have about 10 tunes.  Send me yours.
Bye for now,  M
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