Sunday, September 28, 2008

Top Ten Reasons To Love Minneapolis

Everyone who has run Minneapolis tells me it's the best.  From fan support (350,000!) to complimentary bling, to organization, to the course itself... it's all amazing!  I'll give a play-by-play next week, but for now I leave you with Words of Wisdom from Shelly,  Top Ten Reasons for Loving Minneapolis (in no particular order).
1.  No sales tax on clothes!
2.  Albertville.  You have to pass it on the way in and out. Did I mention no sales tax on clothes?  If you are not already signed up Google Chelsea Premium Outlets, to get the coupons and VIP voucher.
3.  Cariboo Coffee.  Yumm!
4.  The Marathon Expo.  It's enormous and there are lots of great giveaways and shopping deals.  Did I mention there is no sales tax on clothes yet?
5.  Famous Dave's.  Even if you're a vegetarian you have to kiss the pig just because it's funny. 
6.  These guys are from here and they're all over the city.
7.  IKEA!
8.  Rice Park.  The bronze sculptures are fantastic.  Take your camera. 
9.  The marathon itself.  Eleven-thousand, five hundred heads bouncing and bounding in unison. It's a beautiful sight.  Leaves are turning colours and falling, the air is crisp and sunny to start and gives way to a fantastic fall day.  The course is wonderful and well supported.   Don't forgt your tube socks for your arms to keep warm pre-race.  You will not believe how many are littered throughout the first miles of the course. 
10.  Your friends and family can watch your progress on-line via the website.  Isn't technology great?
Have a great race Mike!  I can't wait to hear all about it over coffee, and yes, I will follow it on line too!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the Marathon Michael. I know you will do well and finish even though you have had some aches and pains the last couple of months. I hope you reach your goal of sub 4. When things start to cramp up and you're feeling down just remember what Henry said...
Keep on smiling wish I was there

Unknown said...

Thanks Jacques. I wish you were there too, then you could take my bib, then you could run for me , then I would get my sub-4, then I would be happy. Hmmm, i'd have to figure out how to keep you quiet. ;>) Thanks bud. M

Jen said...

Good luck this weekend! Sounds like a great race and overall place to be. Can't wait for the race report! I hope all goes well!