Sunday, June 12, 2016

Your Pace or Mine? by Lisa Jackson

I received a cheery email from Bridget Robinson the other day requesting support in promoting her friend's book, Your Pace or Mine.  Bridget is well known in Winnipeg's running community and is the race director of the Street Feet Run Well run in Point Douglas.  She's a person of unbridled positive energy and we share an audacious dream of social justice for all.  When Bridget speaks, I listen.

Your Pace or Mine? What Running Taught Me About Life, Laughter, and Coming Last is one runner's reflection of what it means to be a runner.  Having run over 100 marathon, Lisa Jackson is a serious distance runner with more than a few stories.  Her 23 DFLs (dead f*ing last) are a source of inspiration and pride for Lisa. While many runners would be less than pleased with a single DFL let alone 23, she sees the DFLs as a source of strength and indeed, life lessons. Lisa Jackson bio reads:

...she sets out to show that running's really not about the time you do but the time you have, and tells not only her own story but those of the everyday heroes she's met along the way.

Lisa is visiting Winnipeg from London England. She will run the Manitoba Marathon half-marathon and on June 30 will deliver a talk on "Ten things I've Learned on the way to 100 marathons" at 7:00 PM at the King's Head Pub. She will also have copies of her book for sale at $15.00.  We are fortunate to have Lisa visit peg City to share her story.  Be sure to drop by the King's Head for a pint and a story... you won't be disappointed, but don't take my word... there's dozens of reviews. Here's a couple to whet your appetite.

A wonderfully written, inspirational and philosophical book, not just about running but also about life and the many challenges it can throw at us. Heartbreakingly sad in some chapters, hilarious in others, it’s a great read. Lisa’s amazing multiple marathon achievements and the life lessons she has gained make for compelling reading.

(Christina Macdonald, Launch Editor of Women’s Running UK and author of Run Yourself Fit)

Jackson reads like a barefoot romp in the park on a rainy day: refreshing, quirky, deeply insightful, and not afraid to get her feet dirty!

(Lorraine Moller, Olympic medallist and Boston Marathon winner)

I have about 25 books on running in my collection.  Some notables are The Memory of Running by Ron McLarty,  Lore of Running by Tim Noakes,  Once A Runner by John Parker, Born To Run by Christopher McDougall, and Running and Being by George Sheehan. There's a space waiting for Your Pace or Mine by Lisa Jackson next to these distinguished noteables.

It's a good day to be alive.


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