Sunday, June 5, 2016

Scott Sugimoto runs for Jen

Scott's hydration station.
Scott Sugimoto ran 100 kilometers today to support Jen, a colleague with cancer.He had at least one runner along his side for every minute of his 14 hour odyssey.  I joined him at 10 AM and managed 15 miles.  During this time I learned Jen's story.

Jen is 25 years old, works at Home Depot, and according to Scott, shatters any stereotype we may hold of young people. Jen is a dynamo and is passionate about her job.  She continues to work despite her poor health and thinks of others before she gives a moment's consideration to herself. Jen has what the doctors refer to as an "undiagnosed cancer".  A cancer without a name, but with all the trepidation, grievous symptoms, and pain.  Jen and her mom need to travel to The Mayo Clinic for experimental treatment.  Because the cancer is undiagnosed and the treatment experimental, her expenses are not covered by Home Depot's private insurance or Manitoba Health.  All expenses are out pocket.

Scott and friend Junel Malapad.
Jen's initial stay at Mayo Clinic is two weeks at, let's say, roughly $1000 a day and likely much more. Jen's mom is a single parent on a limited income and Jen, like most 25 year olds, does not have significant savings.  The good folks at Home Depot have generously agreed to match fundraising efforts dollar for dollar.

Our Scott, our dear Scott, raised over $1000 in fives and tens and twenties.  Runners and children, and parents, and Home Depot staff stuffed cash into his hands as he ran. With eyes brimming over, Scott acknowledged each and every gift with a hug and with an exclamation of humbleness. He was overwhelmed with gratitude and we are overwhelmed with pride, pride and love of this man and his gift.

The smile never left his face.
Scott and Jen are not heros.  They're not special.  They're not even much different than you and me They're just normal folks who believe in the power of positive energy and the strength of community. They use their gifts to motivate us to rise up and change the world one step, one breath, one prayer at a time.

We are the lucky ones.  We are lucky to have Scott and Jen in our lives. Please pay it forward and send a few toonies Jen's way.   Find Scott Sugimoto on Facebook and message him your support. An e-cash transfer is so simple... a few clicks and you're done.

Jeff, Dale, Scott, Donovan changing the world one breath at a time.
Hey y'all, it's a good day to be alive. Make it even better and message Scott.


PS... Scott Sugimoto is currently training for Fat Dog 120 mile ultra marathon and is the designated 4:30 pacer for the Manitoba Marathon... that and he's the finest gentleman I know.