Sunday, October 19, 2008

Odds 'n Sods

Interesting graph if you're a geek like me (sorry for the poor quality... best I can do). The graph shows my heart rate (top line) compared to elevation of the Twin City Marathon. My heart rate averaged 166 bpm and spiked at 176 bpm at mile 3. The valleys show my walk breaks where my heart recovered to about 145 bpm and then spiked back to 165 - 170 bpm when I resumed running (the graph shows I took 13 one minute walk breaks, or about every 2 miles and none for the last 6 miles). My pace slowed to an average 11 min/m for the last 6 miles which accounts for the downward trend of my heart rate. You'll notice the steep incline in elevation at mile 20 to mile 24. It's about 225 feet over 4 miles, so it's not extreme, but it's enough to suck your life force! It's true! It really is mostly downhill! (although it sure fooled me!). I joined Lorie, Lori, Gwen, Sandra, and Bernice for a ten mile run this morning; my first run since Twin Cities (it was daunting). It's been a while since I've run with this group so it was great to catch up and just gab. Sandra ran the Victoria Half last weekend and was gushing with her race report... a new PB for Sandra (1:55 and change... way to go Sandra... you keep getting stronger!) Sounds like I'll have to put Victoria on my marathon list. Unfortunately, my right knee started aching so I had to pull out early (I managed 7 miles). Nicole aka Running Bebe ran the Victoria Full and blogged an excellent report... check it out. For a heart-felt race report on the Chicago Marathon check out Jesse's blog . Chicago was Jesse's first marathon and aside from the intense heat it sounds like a blast (another marathon for my list). Good luck to Jen who has has attributed her ongoing injuries to a "conspiracy" (I can relate). And finally, I am the 2 hour pacer for Ted's Hypothermic-half clinic. The 16 week clinic starts November 4 at 6:30. Love to see you there. The best thing about this clinic is it gets you off the couch during he darkest and coldest months of the year... nothing says "Winnipeg" like 13.1 miles in -45 degrees... and at those temps it doesn;t matter if it Celsius or Fahrenheit... it just damn cold! Stay healthy, stay safe. M


Jen said...

So, I must be a geek, cause I love graphs! I'm impressed that your heart rate didn't sky rocket during the last elevation incline. Pretty impressive. You'll be a great pacer in the race and clinics. I wish there were more groups like that around here. You're lucky.

Unknown said...

Jen, Glad you like geeky graphs. I think the reason my heart didn't skyrocket for the last incline is because I slowed down considerably. I believe I was running 12 m/m at that point so my heart was working less. You really should put this race on your list. It couldn't be too far from Utah; a day's drive? Mike