Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New York City Marathon

My old friend Chris Kavanagh from Toronto is running the New York City Marathon this weekend. With a little arm-twisting he's agreed to guest-blog a pre-race report on Saturday and a post-race report on Monday so stay tuned. Chris is an amazing individual with an abundance of positive energy and charisma. He's a suit and blackberry guy in real life, but also a stellar runner in his off time. This race is absolutely on my list! In the meantime I must run it vicariously through Chris! You'll enjoy this powerful video of NYC Marathon. It captures the spirit of the marathon runners from super-elite to Joe The Plumber. I first discovered the video when Laura (Lucy's mom) ran NY in 2004. Happy trails and stay healthy. Cheers to you Chris, run like the wind! Mike


Jen said...

That would be a great one! Someday maybe. Good luck to Chris! I keep forgetting to ask about your calf. Is it doing well? Did you get to start back up again this week?

Unknown said...

Hi Jen, As far as I can tell all my aches and sores from Minnie have gone. I start again this evening with a half marathon clinic. I've got my fingers crossed that the 1 month rest has licked the problem. See ya. Mike