Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday In NYC

This just in from Chris: Already, this is an amazing experience. New York City is alive. In fact, everywhere you go, people are talking about the marathon. This morning, runners were invited to take part in the fifteenth running of the International Friendship run from the United Nations building to the Marathon finish line in Central Park. Over 10,000 runners ran the 2.5 mile warm-up. The key, I strategized was to get a glimpse of the finish line. Visualization will no doubt come in handy during those last few kilometres tomorrow! Well, it is early to bed and up at 3:15 to be in the lobby to get one of the buses designated to take runners to Staten Island for the start. At least we get an extra hours sleep tonight!! So, here we go! I will get back to you tomorrow night! PS: If you see me helping the police pick up the pylons, I am over six hours.......thanks

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