Sunday, November 23, 2008

...and someone replied to that letter.

To follow this thread, back up two blog posts.
Hi Vivian, Now I have more time for a fuller explanation. Some brief history: The marathon was begun 26 years ago by John Mansoor (still race director) and Sally Edwards, founder of the Fleet Feet stores. At that time there were relatively few women marathoners compared to the men. Sally insisted on the separate finish to help highlight those women athletes and not have their presence overwhelmed by the men finishers. Today with so many finishers we need both areas to avoid too much crowding and have continued the separate men's and women's finish lines.
What I suggest for you and David is when you round the corner towards the finish, both of you follow the signs to the women's finish. People will be yelling at David and saying, "No, no keep going for the men's finish". Pay no attention to them. Cross the finish line holding hands raised in triumph, smile for the camera and then share a kiss and a hug.
I can share your anticipation of running with David. My wife and I (now in our 49th year of marriage) used to run half marathons with her t-shirt saying TOGE and mine THER. Unfortunately her knees are not up to the long runs now.
We are honored that you have chosen to run your first marathon at CIM.
Hope you and David have a safe trip to Sacramento and a wonderful time on 12/7. Larr
Dear Larry,
Thank you so much for your kind emails. David and I will follow your advice, and will proceed over the women's mat together. David is more than up for the challenge of resisting the cries of "wrong side!" Larry will you be running on December 7th? I very much enjoyed the historical explanation for the two finish lines. The CIM has a wonderful reputation and especially with the snow and ice we are currently training through, thle weather will be a huge plus! Californoia here we come! A local runner and training partner has a wonderful running blog. I know he would love to include our email exchange and the inspirational story about the development of the women's side of this sport on his blog - may I have permission to include your answer below? Again many thanks for your very prompt and very kind response to my finish line question. All our best regards to you and your wife - "toge" and "ther". Vivian
Dear Vivian,
It is fine if you share our e-mail exchange with your blogging friend. How would I access his site? Yes, I am running CIM this year. I have entered a new age group division--75-79. But alas, I will still probably finish last or next to last in that group. The only way I will ever be in Boston on Patriot's Day will be to visit our children and grandchildren. I don't know when you and David are arriving in Sacramento, but if by chance, you will be at the Expo on Friday afternoon, please come to the Info Desk and say hello.
Best wishes to both of you,
Toge (Evie) and Ther (Larry) California International Marathon 2007.
Vivian and David @ Boston 2008 (Champagne Marathon)
And the last word goes to yours truly. Thank you Vivian and Larry for your willingness to share your stories. Your honesty and open communication is admirable and begs reflection. In these troubled times of economic uncertainty, markets crashing, lost investments, and dashed retirement dreams we can still run. Larry running CIM in the 75 to 79 age category is a sweet reminder of all that is important in life; our health, our famlies, our friends, and our loved ones. Without these fundamentals we're lost in a sea of despair; money, wealth, status... all else pales in comparison. Run hard Vivian, David, Larry... we are rooting for you from the sidelines of life. Stay healthy, stay tuned. M


Wendy said...

Hi there Mike!

This is Wendy Schapiro, Larry's (and Evie's) Boston-based daughter (actually, their ONLY daughter ;-). Just wanted to thank you and Vivian and David (who shares a name with the other Lieb offspring) for your kind words regarding my wonderful dad. The fact that he is a role model to *us* is no surprise, but it's always nice to know that the rest of the world can appreciate him nearly as much as we do.

Best of luck!

Unknown said...

We certainly do appreciate your father (and mother). He's an inspiration and a role model. You are a fortunate daughter to have such amazing parents. CIM is now absolutely on my bucket list. Cheers to you Wendy! M