Wednesday, November 19, 2008

California International Marathon

Our esteemed Vivian and soul mate, David are running the Sacramento Marathon on December 7. Judging from the above chart it really is all downhill (which presents its own problems and issues). Sacramento will be Vivian's first full marathon and David's 27th (his champagne marathon -26/26- was Boston last spring). I hooked up with Vivian, Lorie Lee, Lori, Jacques, Mat, and Debbie this evening for a quick 5.25 mile tempo. It was an absolutely amazing jaunt through Assiniboine Park and up through old Tuxedo. The ice was horrible in places and the night sky was ink-black, but it was good, make that great, to once again run with a pack of seasoned runners. Vivian set the course and the pace both of which were challenging and gratifying. Good luck to Vivian and David; we'll be rooting for you and we wait with baited breath for the war stories and photos.
Vivian tells me that the Sacramento Marathon has two finish lines. One for men and one for women! What's up with that? Can't for the life of me see the rationale for such an odd finish? After training for 16 weeks Vivian and David (and thousands of other couples) can't cross the finish line hand-in-hand?! That's the ultimate moment of glory, the sweet spot, the 16 week sacrafice, the piece de la resistance, and no keepsake photo?! Man, someone ought'a write a letter.
Stay healthy, stay tuned. M

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