Saturday, November 15, 2008

Runner stabbed and robbed.

I just lifted this story from Scott Dunlap's, A Trail Runner's Blog (is it stealing if I give credit?). Yikes! Scary! Gives a whole new meaning to "run for your life". Stay healthy, stay tuned. M
A COMPETITOR in the Algoa Bus Bay to Bay Challenge was stabbed and robbed in full view of horrified runners and spectators in Port Elizabeth‘s notorious Victoria Drive at the weekend. Theresa Matthysen, 41, from Despatch, was stabbed three times in the back and robbed of her shoes and watch by two men while running the last leg of the 50km relay event on Saturday. The attack on a stretch of a Walmer road in which numerous motorists have been stoned, has shocked race organisers, who now plan to change the route of the event next year. “There was about 8km left of the race near the Walmer Township when I saw two guys coming towards me,” said Matthysen from St George‘s Hospital yesterday. “I tried to avoid them, but the one guy just grabbed me by the neck and I felt a funny feeling on my back. “They dragged me off to the side of the road and grabbed my takkies, and the one struggled to get my watch off, so I helped him.” Matthysen, who had just been passed the baton, said she was about 0,7km into the last leg of the relay race when the attack took place. “It happened so fast. I thought they just punched me on my back. I only realised I was stabbed when two guys who saw it happening came to help me,” she said.
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