Thursday, June 5, 2008

Race Day Count Down: Day 10

Day 10:  This is it, the official countdown has started...ten days to race day.  This is when we become hyper-vigilant about injury prevention and viruses (i.e. the bubble-wrap phase of our journey).  Last year I pulled my glutamous-maximus two weeks before race day.  Stupid!  It took three painful massages and one physio-treatment to heal it enough to run the marathon. It was huge setback both physically and psychologically.  It almost cost me the race. Working in a school I'm only to aware of how fast and far viruses spread.  I'm going through hand sanitizer like nobody's business!  Be careful out there.. remember the bubble wrap principle. 
A couple of weeks a go I mentioned a story about the Terry Fox van.  Here's a follow-up story that might interest you... click here.  The Terry Fox crew needs runners to run alongside the van as it travels through Winnipeg.  Dates are August 9 (East perimeter to the Forks), and August 15 (Forks to West perimeter).  Use the above link to sign up.  
I met up with Manny, Debbie, Jacques, Henry, David, and Nazir this evening. We did a slow-ish five miles.  On the return we ran headlong into a stiff wind so we decided to practice running in a peloton.  It worked very well with two lead runner drafting  4 rear runners for a minute and then falling back to the rear aka 'the sweet spot'.  Depending upon the wind direction the sweet spot fluctuates between just behind the runner or just to the side.  You need to experiment.  We figure we'll try a peloton on race day if the wind is an issue (like Fargo).  
How do I feel you ask?  I feel tired.  I feel as though the taper came at just the right time.  I need to fuel and rest and ... wrap myself in bubble wrap ;>)  More later.  M

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