Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Race Day Count Down: Day 5

I met with the parents and students participating in the marathon.  We're now up to 33 runners.  I had to delicately suggest to the adults that their children, after 12 weeks of training, are probably a tad better prepared for the run than are the parents.  The parents, thankfully agreed that this was a fairly accurate conclusion.  Going on a limb again (twice in 2 minutes... must be close to retirement) I suggested that the parents let the kids run their own pace, not their parents' pace.  After all, even 13 year olds appreciate PB's and all that other good stuff.  I encouraged the kids to shave off between 5 and 10% from last year's time.  The parents agreed that this was a good idea and the kids are pumped with the concept of setting a PB.  
More on the infamous "wall".  I used this video about three years ago to help the kids understand how I felt after marking 120 math exams.  As I was scooting home today I remembered the video and thought it might also further our understanding of what happens when we hit the wall.  ;>)  M
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