Friday, June 13, 2008

Race Day Count Down: Day 2

Enough already!         I'm starting to feel like a caged animal being force fed carbohydrates.  I feel like one of those poor chickens on those assembly line farms that PETA wants to shut down... sit/ eat/ sit/ eat... I can't shake the image that I'm just being fattened up for the slaughter!  I feel as though I'm one gram of carbohydrate away from total blindness.  And the tooting!  Enough already!  Yup, the jitters have set in bad and it's beginning to consume me.  
Pet peeve?  I don't know how many people have asked if I feel ready for the marathon and I don't have a definitive answer.  My response sounds more like an excuse or even an apology.
"So Mike, ya ready for the big day?"
"Gee, ah, well, sort of, I guess, but I have this little pain here in my....".  
I should answer with a vibrant "YES.  I AM MAN.  I AM READY" but the lingering doubt casts a cloud. What if I'm not ready?  What if I crash and burn, or worse, hit the wall? Now THAT would be embarrassing after me coming across as such an expert on the wall in that blog post a couple days ago.  I'd rather be run over by a bus than face the humility of the wall!  And what if I let my group down? They actually think I know what I'm doing!  Sure hope they're not reading this post. They'll be looking to cash me in for a younger, sexier bunny.
Equally frustrating is the comment "Man you look so skinny" and then for emphasis in case I don't believe them,  "even your face is skinny", and then, as if I'm a total nimrod and require a visual, some will actually pull their skin down over their cheek bones. Excuse me, but I'm not skinny!  I'm in shape for a marathon.  I've been training since August 2007.  I've logged almost 700 miles since January 2008.  I run 4 or 5 times a week. I eat like a horse.  I don't eat junk.  My only vice is a beer and dark chocolate.   Sheesh man get it right,  "fit" yes, "strong" you bet, even "lean" would be ok,  but skinny?  Man that's just deflating!  
Snarky eh?  I'm blaming it on the carbs.. their backing up into my cerebellum, the old grey matter's shutting down.  Yup those jitters sure do get a hold of you!  
Bye for now.  M ;>))  
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