Sunday, June 15, 2008

Race Day

It's a good day to be alive.
:>) M
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michael. i am so proud of you and every other runner that stepped out onto that course today. My heart was with each and every one of you! Way to go.


Jen said...

Great job! Can't wait for all the race reports! Hope the weather was good and your recovery goes well! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michael. Without your great leadership and steady pace I don't think I would have finished the Marathon. Your encouragement from Lindal drive to the end was priceless. It has been great running and training with you. Congratulations to everyone that finished the Marathon. Way to go Diana and Debbie.

Jen said...

I don't have an e-mail address to send you one so you can just steal one off my blog if that works. If not let me know. And I'm honored, thanks. You've done the same for me. It's amazing how running connects people all over the world. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mr. Bennett! You did awesome! We watched it on MTS TV this evening and we heard them call your name and the school's name, great job again! Looks like both you and Brendan surpassed your goals! Thanks for working with Brendan throughout this year and allowing him to join your group. You are his hero and an awesome role model! We will always be greatful for your time and efforts into making our kids find a love for running.

We were thrilled when we spotted Brendan rounding the bend in the stadium as they announced those entering would make it through in under two hours!!!! He has already printed a training regiment for next year. I hope you two can continue to hook up next year. He really looks up to you.

Thanks again. Stay in touch with Brendan next year and you have our e-mail address.

Thanks and thanks again!

Jenn and Dave

Anonymous said...

We see that you came in a few minutes under your time goal.
Well done!
We've read your blog. Hopefully the race was fully enjoyable (rather than physically painful).

I mountain biked at Birch on Sunday. At 8:05 AM I was cycling westward along Taylor to the carpool spot at Starbucks (on Taylor, west of Harrow) when I got to Harrow (the marathlon route I knew I'd have to cross). Cars were badly backed up. Bikes can cross significantly easier and safer, so I headed up the sidewalk, and I immediately began scanning for a 5+ second break in the runners. A course volunteer passed in front of me. It's Brent. I yell, he waves. What's the probability of that happening?

Anonymous said...

As I reflect on the race yesterday and the 3months I spent with each and everyone of you, training, laughing, crying and whatever other emotions we experienced I can only say thanks and how lucky I was to have met the best group of friends one could ever have.

Without all of you I could not achieved what I did yesterday and I dedicate that race to you!! ( my knee did not let me experience that finish line with you and that I regret)

Rodica, My rock and friend, you are a remarkable woman, I would have never made it to the half way point without you

Dianah and Debbie, I will never forget your dedication to get me Advil when my knee failed on me at about mile 14. You sacrificed your time for me, unbelievable.

Nazir, you are my inspiration.

Jaques,David and Dinu..pillars of strength.

Mike, what can I say, an angel who I bumped into at the running room and asked I want to try this marathon thing…and his response run with us lets see how you do…well Mike, I think you got me to the stage of running I would have never achieved…you are a remarkable man!!

To the whole group, as Mike says “it’s a good day to be alive” yes it is and to have shared the time I had with all of you, I will never forget this as long as I live…my goal when turning 45 was to run this race…YOU MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE..THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

To the Group, Congratulations on your tremendous success in marathon. Hard work of past four months paid off and the reward is a marathon well under goal time. Well done, wear the medal with pride.

I cherish your friendship and look forward to seeing you not only on the trails but also along the way on this beautiful journey of life.