Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Race Day Count Down: Day 5

I met with the parents and students participating in the marathon.  We're now up to 33 runners.  I had to delicately suggest to the adults that their children, after 12 weeks of training, are probably a tad better prepared for the run than are the parents.  The parents, thankfully agreed that this was a fairly accurate conclusion.  Going on a limb again (twice in 2 minutes... must be close to retirement) I suggested that the parents let the kids run their own pace, not their parents' pace.  After all, even 13 year olds appreciate PB's and all that other good stuff.  I encouraged the kids to shave off between 5 and 10% from last year's time.  The parents agreed that this was a good idea and the kids are pumped with the concept of setting a PB.  
More on the infamous "wall".  I used this video about three years ago to help the kids understand how I felt after marking 120 math exams.  As I was scooting home today I remembered the video and thought it might also further our understanding of what happens when we hit the wall.  ;>)  M


Jen said...

Love that video! Why is it when someone (or thing) gets hurt in an unexpected way, it's hilarious? I can't even help myself! Too funny!
So are these kids and their parents running the full marathon? Just wondering.
And rain....hum. I guess it's better than the wind at least. I don't know about being better than the heat. But you guys are all so prepared for whatever the weather brings. It could snow and you'd be ready for it!

Unknown said...

Yes, it's a great clip. Simple and to the point... hit-the-wall! The parents running the full!? No way, their kids are in way better shape then their parents. It's the kids who are modeling behaviour to their parents. Snow, hmm, you never know? Bye